Saturday, 19 December 2009

GBH001 Wicked Style Review


Just received a review from Wicked Style on the EP, I've stuck it through a translator, its not perfect but you get the idea..

"First ep to brand Ghettoblastahh freely downloadabile on the same site of the label, a really nourishing gift, that counts in the file zippato quite five tracks to 320 Kbs, all extremely worthy, vehement and irresistible. Original version of Scott Harris in shape dubstep, immediately lapped from the same producer in the "Briefcase Mong Mix" - from me personally used like opening in the dj-set that you find posted here - with an installation fidget, to 129 bpm, punctual in the vocal cuts and from the mounting course and stereoideo. Equally effective and much skipping it "Stitched Up Mix", alone of a lower notch for beaten and elliptical, to make head between effects however glicciati and fuzzy. It is returned to the dubstep in the "Mart Taylor's Need a Reason Mix", engraving ondivaga, bassosa and puntuta, while transversal and eclectic, however of mailing dub and fat, to 136 bpm, the "Fritz Terror Remix" well interweaves also in creative set breakbeat."

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