Friday, 8 January 2010

2010 Update


Just a quick update on whats coming in 2010. GBH002 is almost sorted and will be up Friday 15th Jan. Its 'Check Their I.D.' By Mr.Alex, his myspace link is in the sidebar, remixes are coming from R!M!E!, Crystal Vision & Scott Harris, this is a big package, really looking forward to let this one loose. Wat? The Funk!'s original for GBH003 is almost done, that should be out mid February. 

On a personal note, I've got loads going on. The Amp Jackers - Muffin Jak (Scott Harris Remix) is out next Friday on BomBeatz with two more remixes & an original coming out on the label in Jan & Feb. I'm also waiting on releases of remixes on Freek, Brooklyn Fire & 4PlayTrax. I'm remixing Hooked'S for Filthy Bitch, Justin James (Chicago) for Hot Small & The Funk Out for Sick Slaughterhouse. I've got a track signed to Bass Boom and I've got collaborations with Matt Cox & Wat? The Funk! on the cards. Its a massive start to 2010, a kick start to a promising year & decade for me & Ghettoblastahh!!

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