Sunday, 24 January 2010

GBH002 - Wicked Style Review


Apologies again for the translation, its pretty dodgy but the review is definitley a positive one.

"I am really crazy to the Ghettoblastahh, done not sufficiently satisfy from the it have already given their first ep, "Is That Your Mum" of Scott Harris, double now the mail with Mr Alex, putting in production and still releasing in free download another bombazza, "Check Their THE. D.", already vehement in the original version, traces to 128 bpm arrotata and acidognola, with vocal superlatives and a rollante doped bassline. Act as well to its task also the R!M!E! remix, fuzzy-skipping groove and nervosello, like too lil remake to signature Scott Harris, as much spintacciata and energy production. Well, itself from via good stuff, in alone change of a little one of fame: also the Knocked Up Noise Remix is good and the pronounced one Crystal Vision too, is not from except for. To experience to believe, unloaded him all here, son what from not to believe itself."

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