Thursday, 25 February 2010

Major Beep EP


Possibly the biggest label I've remixed for yet, things are getting bigger and better and I'm loving it. All mixes on this EP are completely different but are all worth a listen. My mix is nothing like any of my other remixes, I tried to keep it true to the techno original and make it mega bouncy, anyway check it out at Beatport.

If you need persuading, here's some feedback for Major Beep & my Hooked's - House Jack Party remix which is out on Filthy Bitch;

"Of the 2 House Jack Party is for me, great drums, great bass as per usual and variety throughout" - The Funk Out
"HJP - wicked party vibe, will go down well at any part of night. massive intro. MB - Bigger, always changing the flow, bounce to the beat. another smash from Scott Harris." - Jack Grooves
"HJP is naughty man looking forward to smashin it out this weekend!" - Mikey Dalton
"nice one mate!" - Dirty Freek
"Big up Scott Harris! The Major Beep & House Jack Party remixes smashes it! Looking forward to droppin these." - Uber DJs

A quick update on whats forthcoming; Mine & Jack Grooves tune 'Blap!' is out soon on BomBeatz and I've got three remixes coming on BomBeatz & one on Hot Small. I'm working on an original with Perfect Cell and remixing for Sick, Club Bangerz & BomBeatz. Big things comin'.

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